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From Greg Stein <>
Subject help with Expat patch
Date Sun, 07 Feb 1999 12:51:42 GMT
On the list a little while back, there was a discussion of having Expat
within Apache itself, available for modules to use. I've started a patch
to do just that. :-)

It appears to be working fine, with all the fancy RULE stuff (so I can
have RULE_EXPAT=yes in my libdav.module). (of course, suggestions for
change are welcome :-)

However, if I compile mod_dav as a dynamically-loaded module, then it
won't load, because it can't find the Expat symbols. (sigh)  I know this
has to do with order of loading or maybe that the Expat stuff didn't get
pulled into httpd (no ref to it from there).

Any ideas?   (this is on a Linux machine)


p.s. two files are attached: one patches a few files in apache-root/src,
and the other should be untarred as apache-root/src/expat

Greg Stein,

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