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From Chris Ewert <>
Subject Re: mod_status.c
Date Wed, 03 Feb 1999 12:56:51 GMT
Ok, well, someone will want to look over the code before I posted it.  Does
putting the scoreboard up higher sound good?  I can do that and put some other
information down lower or something?  I can put in a nice 3 row table like
R.J. Kraaij suggested, I like the way that looks.  I will play around with
this problem a little bit and see what I can get.


"R.J. Kraaij" wrote:

> > Maybe we need an API so people can write their favourite mod_status page
> > style templates :-)  Sounds like a job for PHP.
> Maybe i Could redesign my Module Injection.  I have created a ASP
> styled Compiler which generate's C code for me, So i can easely Modify the
> layout of my Module . With that, You could easely put Values and strings
> on Html locations you want. Something like :
> <P> <%s=Your.Servername%> </p>
> which generates a
> ap_rprintf("<P> %s </P>",Your.Servername);
> The Source code i have created is only uh,., Verry UnRuled :o) So i realy
> have to redo it, in order to get all my Dutch Lines out of it.
> and it's more complicated then the simple example above this one.
>         Regards,
>         Reinder.


Chris Ewert

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