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From Bill Stoddard <>
Subject Re: [APR] Universal return syntax
Date Mon, 01 Feb 1999 19:03:30 GMT
Ben Hyde wrote:
> Bill Stoddard writes:
> >Eeeek! Maybe I missed the discussion... WHY does NSPR implement threads
> >as fibers? Is it because many OS's don't have decent kernel thread
> >implementations?
> People I trust have told me that an NT thread is a very heavy weight
> object, with a substantial memory hit for each one.  So if you write
> applications with many many threads, say Java programs, you want to
> avoid using them.  The existence of fibers in the NT API would seem
> to suggest that somebody at Microsoft wanted something lighter weight
> badly enough to force the OS guys to implement them.
> The only thing I see threads giving us that fibers don't is compiler
> support for thread local storage.

Hummm, call me a skeptic, but I seriously doubt that an NT thread is so
heavy weight that it would become an issue in web server design. An NT
web server with async I/O and completion ports should be able to support
thousands of concurrent clients quite efficiently with its kernel thread

Bill Stoddard

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