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From "David Reid" <>
Subject Apache-apr
Date Fri, 19 Feb 1999 00:21:28 GMT

I've spent a bit of time recently looking at the work done on apache-apr. 
This is driven by the fact that on the BeOS platform a port won't be
possible without a high degree of abstraction due to the different way that
Be handles certain system fundamentals.  I've done the work with the
BeZilla group (porting Mozilla to Be) and managed to get apache-2.0 running
with NSPR, but as this looks like its dying the death of a thousand slow
paper cuts I wanted to look at the apache-apr suggestions.

To this end I've actually written some code.  So far I've done the
- cobbled together an apr.h with the neccesary APR definitions
- written the basic file functions for apr_read, write, open, close,
getfileinfo, access

All the code hangs together and a simple test program I've written seems to
veryify that its all working as expected.

I expect to slowly progress matters on Be, but Ryan Bloom suggested I post
here to see if others are interested.  One is a lonely number as the song

If anyone wants the code then I'll post it here or email it to you, but so
far its all for BeOS so probably won't work out of the box for you.  Also
I'll be honest and say that I'm not an expert so it may seem a bit basic
compared with some of the stuff being written here!

Anyway, over to you!

david reid

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