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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject [STATUS] (apache-apr) Wed Feb 3 23:45:48 EST 1999
Date Thu, 04 Feb 1999 04:45:51 GMT
Apache Portable Runtime STATUS:
Last modified at [$Date: 1999/01/26 20:28:30 $]


    0.1  : In pre-alpha development


    Everyone discuss and wrangle out the issues on new-httpd,
    and commit changes as appropriate.

Committed Code Changes:

    . docs/ directory created and initial function pre-spec added
    . include/ directory created and start of APRStatus macros added
    . pthreads/ directory tree created and populated with latest
      work on Apache 1.3.5-dev port to pthreads inserted

Available Patches:
In progress:
    Accept Serialization
        Implemented as a blocking queue.  1 accept thread passes connection
        to queue (size of queue is config directive, default # of threads).
        All other threads block on queue.

    Signal Handling
        Investigate signal handling in Apache-pthreads.  Currently, we kill
        the process when we encounter SIGPIPE, obviously bad.

        Ensure thread safety.  Does not include mod_proxy.


Needs patch:

Open issues:

  * Whether every APR routine should return a status code
  * What the status codes should look like
  * Various modules aren't pthreads-ready (mod_cgi)
  * Bringing in the libap stuff

  * Mod_proxy
  * Timeouts.  (only soft timeouts)
  * Check misc thread safety.  Make sure UNIX code path mirrors NT path.
  * Process/Thread hybridization
  * put monitor process back into place.  Was removed for initial port, it's
    time we make sure the server is running, and if not, start it again.
  * Optimize Optimize Optimize


Closed issues:

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