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Subject WIN32 CGI - CMD VS COMMAND - 2 OF 4
Date Mon, 25 Jan 1999 17:35:51 GMT


RELATES TO: Some currently open Apache WIN32 CGI PR REPORTS

The following is from the latest version of


My comments are all preceded with //:

The USC 'Berky-jerky' coding style has been re-organized
to make the code easier to follow...

API_EXPORT(int) ap_call_exec( request_rec *r,
                              child_info  *pinfo,
                              char        *argv0,
                              char        **env,
                              int         shellcmd
int pid = 0;

//: Top leg includes handling of all the RLIMIT_XXXX flags...

#ifdef OS2

//: OS2 handler is in this leg...

#elif defined(WIN32)
    //: A lot of stack variables declared here...
    //: None are relevant to this text...

    if (!shellcmd)
       //: Code in here only kicks in if 'shellcmd' not specified...

       //: End if( !shellcmd )' pickup section...

    if (shellcmd)
       //: This pickup simply assumes that if 'GetVersionEx()' does
       //: not specifically return 'VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT' then
       //: COMMAND.COM should be versus CMD.EXE.

       //: It is not sufficient to make this assumption for all
       //: WIN32 executables just based on 'GetVersionEx()'.

       //: Some evaluation of the target executable has to be
       //: made and some consideration must be given to which
       //: VERSION of WIN32 is active. WIN95 has a 16-bit
       //: command shell which does not exist in WIN98 and may
       //: or may not be present in WIN200x. WIN98 might have
       //: Active Desktop and 'alternate command shells', etc. etc.

       //: The only really safe thing to do is evaluate each specific
       //: executable, compare it with each specific incarnation
       //: of WIN32, and make the right decision based on all the
       //: relevant variables.

       //: Again... see the attached code from the USC TC5 project.
       //: They are doing the same sort of thing and they seem to
       //: have all the bases covered.

       char *shell_cmd = "CMD.EXE /C ";
       OSVERSIONINFO osver;
       osver.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof(OSVERSIONINFO);

        * Use CMD.EXE for NT, COMMAND.COM for WIN95
       if (GetVersionEx(&osver))
          if (osver.dwPlatformId != VER_PLATFORM_WIN32_NT)
             shell_cmd = "COMMAND.COM /C ";


       pCommand = ap_pstrcat(r->pool, shell_cmd, argv0, NULL);

    //: The rest...

    return (pid);

}// End of ap_call_exec()...


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