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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Shared Memory Pools ;-)
Date Thu, 28 Jan 1999 13:55:00 GMT
> I am satisfied for the moment and just released a new version :)
> wrt SAPI, libapreq is tied really tight to the Apache API, but I'd be happy
> if any of it could be used with SAPI, the multipart/form-data parsing, for
> example.  Before I started, I could only find 3 implementations in C.
> "cgihtml" is tied real tight to the mod_cgi enviroment, and rolled
> homegrown things that were already implemented (better) in the Apache API.
> it also looked incomplete (e.g. could only handle a single upload file
> per-request).  libcgi++ requires non-standard c++ libraries, also was
> geared towards mod_cgi type environment, and also requires c++.  I think it
> slurped the entire file into memory too.  PHP, I thought, would be the
> ticket, ooh, Rasmus etal, I could not untangle from the php guts :)

Yeah, that is a part of PHP that hasn't changed in about 3 years.  It is
one of those pieces of code where I was surprised and happy to get it
working and now everyone, including myself, is afraid to touch it.  For
PHP4 this will all move into the SAPI layer and we will definitely take a
look at basing it on your code rather than mine.


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