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From Rasmus Lerdorf <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Shared Memory Pools ;-)
Date Wed, 27 Jan 1999 03:25:51 GMT
> I agree... in fact, I'm interested in how different modules can
> communicate XML-based information. For example, Stig has been pondering on
> an integration between mod_dav and mod_php. A big step there is how to get
> the parsed XML from mod_dav over to mod_php.

WDDX ( is probably not a bad way to go in this respect.  It
is missing some things I would like to see in it, but at least it is a
start.  Someone has sat down and put something on paper.

One thing I would like to float for Apache 2.0 consideration is a library
of standard Apache module helper functions.  Right now Apache only
includes functions that are needed by the set of modules shipped with
Apache.  The number of large add-on Apache modules are going to increase
and I think we could make life easier on module authors by taking some
common things and adding it to the standard Apache API or perhaps the
extended Apache API or whatever you might want to call it.

A good example is Ralph's shared memory code.  Some of that is similar to
what we are already doing in mod_php.  Some semaphore access functions
probably go hand in hand with those.  And things like XML and WDDX helper
functions would also be useful.  

The other thing we are starting to look at seriously is a server API
abstraction layer currently codenamed SAPI.  I mentioned this at ApacheCon
and it drew some interest.  This would abstract the Apache API, ISAPI,
WSAPI, NSAPI, and the Domino API to a point where a module could be
written against this API and work on all those servers.  We have a bunch
of the code already, but we need to re-organize it and separate it from
PHP.  The goal is to make it a standalone project that isn't tied directly
to either Apache nor PHP.

... just thinking out loud tonight.


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