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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Multi-threaded apache rather than pre-forking
Date Tue, 26 Jan 1999 18:15:16 GMT

On Tue, 26 Jan 1999, Vincent Janelle wrote:

> Is there some better documentation for things to check?
> got *loaded* because of apache and some "misconfiguration",
> however, I had to take some rather drastic measures in order to stop the
> machine from dying(I'm looking into that, I think it was a libc problem).

You would have to be way more specific before we could say "yeah apache
could have handled that better".  Threads are not the final answer. 

> Sorry if this isn't the place to ask, however, it is an issue that I think
> apache suffers from..  The words "not" and "scalable" often apply to things
> like this when a different webserver handles it with one configuration
> change...

If you've already solved your problems using another web server, cool,
congrats, perhaps apache isn't suited to your application.  You should
read the perf-tuning documentation though

There is nothing we can do to deal with the "slashdot effect" -- no web
server can pull magic rabbits out of the hat.  If you didn't test your
site at that load then you can only blame yourself for its failure to
handle that load.  Apache can certainly handle high load sites, you just
need to engineer for them.

But if you want to help us, you could give more details :) 


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