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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject the *db* crap
Date Sun, 31 Jan 1999 22:08:20 GMT
On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Greg Stein wrote:

> I think there was an issue with NDBM, but I can reexamine. The 0.9.7
> release will include SDBM (a public domain DBM). SDBM is also shipped by
> Perl, so it should be capable enough. SDBM will become the default
> linkage -- GDBM cannot be the default because it is GPL (not even
> LGPL!).

I haven't looked at it, but if SDBM is reasonable in size and code and
license, I would be very tempted to have us use it as default for 
everything and tell people "if you want to use another *db* library, go
ahead.  If you can't make it work right, please just use the default."

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