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From Marc Slemko <>
Subject RE: Thread/Process model discussion.
Date Fri, 29 Jan 1999 20:52:11 GMT
On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Rasmus Lerdorf wrote:

> > That's a benefit to the end user (more goodies to choose from).  I think
> > that an OO Apache would be much easier to extend (for programmers) and this
> > would benefit end users because the supply of extensions (modules,
> > customized versions of the core...) would increase.
> I'd argue that one.  And this has been discussed to death here in the past
> and it is generally accepted, I think, that there are a lot more
> programmers out there who are completely comfortable in ANSI C as opposed
> to C++.  I know for sure that the PHP module would never have come to be
> if it had needed to be written in C++.  I agree that there would be some
> technical benefits to using C++, but I don't agree that it would make the
> server more robust.  It may be easier to make it robust in C++, but that
> is a separate issue.

And, of course, nothing prevents people from using C++ for their modules
and nothing prevents us from adding a C++ module API which wraps a
lot of the API in a more OOPy way.

> > Functionality: it's easier to do complex things with "higher-level"
> > languages.  Thus functionality could increase (with the same programmer
> > effort) if a higher-level language were used.
> Assuming the same number of programmers are comfortable in this
> higher-level language.  Just about every C++ programmer can write C
> whereas the opposite is not true.  When it comes to Open Source projects
> where contributed code is essential, not limiting yourself to a smaller
> subset of available talent is a factor that needs to be considered.
> There really is no point to this argument.  You are either an OO (or at
> least the twisted C++ variety thereof) freak or you aren't.  For someone

I really don't see that this way.  I see the biggest argument against
C++ as C++ itself, not OOP.  I have done C and C++ for a number of 
years now.  I have always really hated C++ because it is just such a 
PITA.  I used to think that perhaps I was just rebelling against OOP
and it wasn't really C++, but learning Java cured me of that.  C++ just
sucks.  That is a darn good argument against using it to me.  

I would pick Java over C++ or C as a language to write Apache in, but
for numerous reasons (mostly unrelated to the syntactic form of the 
language itself) Java really isn't appropriate and wouldn't work too well.

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