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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: incorporating? (was: Copyright & donating code)
Date Tue, 26 Jan 1999 03:32:05 GMT
>How you bring in new blood and how you compensate them (unless independently
>wealthy) will lead to much debate.
>Already I can hear many voices out there clamoring to keep the status quo, but
>the problem is complex. The Apache Group must change if it is to survive. 

You seem to be short of a clue here.  The Apache Group has been discussing
this issue for over two years.  We have already had all the arguments and
all but two of the votes necessary to complete the process.  We already
have a complete draft of the bylaws, are fully aware of the resulting
corporate structure and how it DOES NOT run the HTTP server project, and
have been working with some very competent lawyers so that the end product
matches the relevant statutes.  We did all that on the other, private
mailing list.

The only voices you seem to be hearing are from people who have no idea
how the Apache Group actually works behind the scenes.  For obvious reasons,
we only allow people who have earned the right to determine the group's
direction to be involved in the incorporation discussion and votes.
If anyone here thinks they have earned the right to be counted and are
not currently part of the Apache Group, then let me know (in private --
I'll pass it along to the rest of the group).

And before you continue this rubbish about how us "programmers" can't
run a business (ignoring the fact that Apache isn't a business anyway),
I suggest you look into some of our backgrounds more carefully.
Several of the group members run their own companies.  As for me,
Bill Gates has yet to beat me in any commercial or noncommercial endeavor,
unless you count accumulating money as an end in itself.  I would hazard
a bet that quite a few companies would be far more happy to have me on
their Board of Directors than Bill (as if they were ever given a choice).


    Roy T. Fielding, co-founder     (
    The Apache HTTP Server Project  <>

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