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Subject Re: incorporating? (was: Copyright & donating code)
Date Mon, 25 Jan 1999 10:21:57 GMT
In a message dated 1/24/99 6:58:50 PM MST, writes:

<< Apache cannot depend on the current set of core developers to continue
 development of the server forever.  Most of the original developers are
 gone and I suspect many of the current developers (including me) will have
 their employment status change sometime this year.  The fact is that only
 the independently wealthy can work on a project like this forever.
 We need new blood in order for the project to survive.  This means that
 the long term survival of the Apache server depends not on the decisions
 of the current Apache Group, but on the decisions of the many people who
 use and work on the Apache software (many of whom lurk on this list)
 as to whether or not they want to start contributing to the project.
 The only thing the Apache Group can do about it is make it easier for
 these people to get involved and stay involved. >>


I really appreciate the forthright way you answered my posting. It shows
integrity and honesty and an understanding of the problems facing Apache.

You are right Apache cannot depend on the current set of core developers to
continue development of the server forever.

How you bring in new blood and how you compensate them (unless independently
wealthy) will lead to much debate.

Already I can hear many voices out there clamoring to keep the status quo, but
the problem is complex. The Apache Group must change if it is to survive. 

You've now reached that point. You need a recruiting campaign, you need
incentives, you need change!

This year will be the turning point. Hopefully wise heads will prevail. You
need people who understand the problem and will work with you to protect what
has been put in place to date. However for those saying nothing will change is
shear folly and will doom the rest of you.

Bipartisan discussion is needed here on the facts, not the personalities. 

I would be honored to help if you should so desire. 

The goal is simple. "Protect the Apache Group and grow the base of users and

I would welcome you comments on the stated goal.

Your sincerely,

Peter J. Cranstone

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