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Subject Re: incorporating? (was: Copyright & donating code)
Date Tue, 26 Jan 1999 09:17:22 GMT
In a message dated 1/26/99 6:18:08 AM MST, writes:

<< As an aside, I get the impression from your site that your company, in
 no small part, depends on Apache. That you do some sort of custom
 work with/on Apache and that your compression schemes run on and
 require Apache (at some level) >>

Our company does not rely on Apache.

Our compression schemes are a mix of public domain and patented.

CHTML(TM) actually makes Apache run faster and requires less storage space.

Your method is:

Jim.HTML AND Jim.HTML.gzip. Two files required.
Ours is Jim.HTML. One file required. 

The compressed data is stored as a BINARY file between the comments.

When you get mod_negotiation to finally work correctly, and with it your
version of compressed HTML(tm) you will immediately take a huge performance
hit on Apache.

Why? For every file you store, you will now need to add another compressed
version of the same file. (users discretion if they want to turn on
compression). Your GET requests will climb through the roof.

Using our technique overall storage space is reduced, bandwidth is conserved,
and speed is improved. 

So thank you Apache for showing us a design flaw in mod_negotiation. Apache is
about speed. Apache running HyperSpace(tm) will out perform your stock Apache
any day of the week.

Don't believe me. Do this simple test.

Fire up an Apache server. Load 20,000 CHTML(TM) documents and process them
from a HyperSpace(tm) enabled web browser. 

For mod_negotiation. Do the same test. Of course you will need double the
number of documents. The original and the compressed version. Your performance
will "melt" and your storage requirements are twice those of CHTML(tm)

You want to judge our code and our products, be my guest. You will ALWAYS
require two files for every ONE of ours. Stands to reason that the server must
slow down. 

The working versions of HyperSpace(tm) data compression and our JO(tm)
compiler can be downloaded FREE of charge from our web site to run this test.
The compiler has been designed to be called from a shell script under UNIX..

Rhetoric aside I welcome the chance to show you why CHTML(tm) is a better
"design" than the method you have employed in mod_negotiation.

Your the programming expert. Do the tests.


Peter J. Cranstone

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