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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Fwd: crucial typo at
Date Sun, 24 Jan 1999 00:08:37 GMT
Can someone please update the install.html file with better information now
that we have a new set of paths for make install?  I've been outside the
loop on those changes so I wouldn't trust my ability to get it right.  Thanks.


>X-Received: 23 Jan 1999 23:41:51 GMT
>Date: Sat, 23 Jan 1999 17:41:27 -0600 (CST)
>From: Stuart Goldkind <>
>Subject: crucial typo at
>Hi Brian,
>Sorry if you are not the correct person to notify,
>but I did not see any link for web-master.  
>On the page describing how to install Apache, the
>following appears:
>The next step is to edit the configuration files for the server. 
>This consists of setting up various directives in up to three central
>configuration files. By default, these files are located in the conf directory
>and are called srm.conf, access.conf and httpd.conf. To help you get started
>there are same files in the conf directory of the distribution, called
>srm.conf-dist, access.conf-dist and
>httpd.conf-dist. Copy or rename these files to the names without 
>the -dist. Then edit each of the files. Read the comments in each 
>file carefully. Failure to setup these files correctly could lead to your
>server not working or being insecure. You should also have an additional file
>in the conf directory called
>mime.types. This file usually does not need editing."
>After about 5 or six hours of making various changes to
>(appropriately renamed) files in the conf directory, and
>having none of the changes take effect, I was poking around
>and found what I believe are the "real" files in the etc
>subdirectory.  So I am guessing that the above should read:
>"...By default, these files are located in the *etc* directory and are called
>srm.conf ..." 
>Thought I should let you know in case other new users might
>be confused as I was.
>p.s. once I had the right directory it only took about 10 minutes
>to get things set up right.

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