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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Fwd: Chili!Soft Empowers Apache and O'Reilly Web Servers With ASP
Date Fri, 15 Jan 1999 04:13:47 GMT

Well, this is cool news; I just hope a Chilisoft engineer is here to help
keep track of changes to the NT version, as well as hopefully contribute
patches from time to time.


>Chili!Soft Empowers Apache and O'Reilly Web Servers With ASP 
>Monday, January 11, 1999 09:30 AM  Mail this article to a friend  new!  
>BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jan. 11, 1999--
>Chili!ASP(tm) Now Extends Active Server Pages Support to
>Six 3rd Party Web Servers for Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R)
>Chili!Soft(tm), Inc. ( the pioneer of
>multi-platform Active Server Pages (ASP) -- the mainstream Web application
>platform -- today announced shipment of Chili!ASP(tm) for the Apache HTTP
>Server and the O'Reilly WebSite Professional server.
>With Chili!ASP, Apache and O'Reilly developers can deploy ASP applications
>on Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R)-compatible versions of both servers for the
>first time.
>Apache and O'Reilly account for more than 50% of the Web servers in use on
>the Internet, according to some industry sources. Chili!ASP support for the
>popular Apache Web server provides developers with the server customization
>benefits of Apache and access to the rich development tools and
>off-the-shelf components for building ASP applications.
>In just two years, ASP has become a dominant force in Web development with
>more than half a million users. It enhances the productivity of a Web
>development team by combining popular scripting languages, COM (Component
>Object Model) and Java objects, HTML and powerful 3rd party development
>tools to construct Web-based applications. Chili!ASP is the only Web
>application server to enable ASP-based applications to run on multiple Web
>servers and operating systems.
>"By bringing ASP support to Apache and O'Reilly, we're giving corporations
>and developers another reason to standardize on ASP across the enterprise,"
>said Charles Crystle, founder and chief technology officer of
>Chili!Soft. "Chili!ASP for Apache and O'Reilly further enables the number
>and types of organizations that can now assign programmers of all skill
>levels to build Web applications that run on multiple server platforms."
>Product Availability
>Chili!ASP is available immediately for Apache HTTP Server v1.3.3 and
>O'Reilly Website Pro v2.0 running on Microsoft Windows NT. Both are priced
>at $995 per server.
>Chili!ASP for the Microsoft Windows NT operating system also supports
>Netscape's FastTrack and Enterprise Servers on Windows NT 4.0 and Sun
>Solaris, and Lotus Domino Go Web Server on Windows NT 4.0. All versions of
>the software are available for customers to download at
>About ASP
>Active Server Pages (ASP) is an open Web application platform that combines
>server scripting with custom server components to create
>browser-independent Web solutions and publish legacy databases to the
>Web. There are more than 500,000 ASP developers, over 500 companies
>producing ASP components and applications, and approximately 25,000 public
>Web sites using ASP. Industry-leading Web development tools such as
>Macromedia Dreamweaver(tm) (Nasdaq:MACR), Microsoft Visual InterDev(tm) and
>FrontPage(tm) (Nasdaq:MSFT), Elemental Drumbeat(tm), NetObjects
>ScriptBuilder(tm), and Sybase PowerSite(tm) (Nasdaq:SYBS) support ASP.
>About Chili!ASP
>Chili!ASP enables ASP on Netscape (Nasdaq:NSCP), Lotus and other Web
>servers for Microsoft Windows NT and Sun Solaris (Nasdaq:SUNW), and soon
>IBM AIX (NYSE:IBM), making it the first multi-platform Web application
>environment based on Active Server Pages architecture. Chili!ASP is
>compatible with databases from Oracle(R) (Nasdaq:ORCL), Informix(R)
>(Nasdaq:IFMX), Sybase, IBM, and Computer Associates (NYSE:CA).
>About Chili!Soft
>Chili!Soft, Inc. is a privately held, pioneer provider of enabling
>technologies and applications for Active Server Pages (ASP), the leading
>Web application platform. Chili!Soft products include Chili!ASP, which
>enables ASP applications on Windows NT and UNIX in heterogeneous computing
>environments. Chili!Soft was founded in 1994 with headquarters in Bellevue,
>Washington. For more information about the company, please visit the
>Chili!Soft Web site at or call 888/290-8346.
>Chili!Soft and Chili!ASP are trademarks of Chili!Soft,Inc. All other
>products mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective
>companies. Features and specifications are subject to change.
>     CONTACT:  Chili!Soft, Inc.               Brad Stevens, 425/372-1547     
>Quote for referenced ticker symbols: SYBS, SUNW, ORCL, NSCP, MSFT, MACR,
>© 1999, Business Wire 
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