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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject Re: Thread/Process model discussion.
Date Fri, 29 Jan 1999 09:15:22 GMT

Vincent Janelle wrote:
> One of the things that the webalizer author noted to "us"(ie,
> was that apache has a problem with sites that under a lot of load, and that
> it sometimes writes hits to the logs that are started the last day of the
> month at 11:59pm and written to the logs at the next day 12:00 or whatever..
> This causes webalizer many problems..

Actually it would not be a bad idea (but would require a bump in the magic
api number) to include in the rec struct a timestamp of when the RQ came
in, and when it was dealth with completely (on http_core level). That way
the custom logging modules have a choise what to log; delayed logging is not
a problem; and I found doing a delta between the timestamps (admittedly
using gettimeofday() rather than time() to get them) is very instructive
in seeing which CGI/mod_perl thing is taking up most time, and when.
> Perhaps a logging thread would allow it to write in bursts, and also to make
> sure that the timestamps are set correctly?  It would also allow for things
> like mod_log_sql(Roxen has a logging module that allows writing to whatever
> sql servers you have support modules for..)

Hmm mod_log_msql and mod_log_mysql both exist :-)

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