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From Paul Ausbeck <>
Subject compression and mod_negotiation
Date Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:06:56 GMT
Peter Cranstone wrote:

>When you get mod_negotiation to finally work correctly, and with it
>version of compressed HTML(tm) you will immediately take a huge
>hit on Apache.
>Why? For every file you store, you will now need to add another
>version of the same file. ...

My understanding is that if you wanted to ignore clients that couldn't
handle compression, you could just have the compressed file available.
That would yield the same result as using CHTML. Of course you might be
able to handle more users that way since both IE 4.0 and Navigator 4.5
handle gzip compression. As of yet there don't seem to be very many
CHTML enabled clients out there.

Paul Ausbeck

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