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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject Re: incorporating? (was: Copyright & donating code)
Date Tue, 26 Jan 1999 12:21:34 GMT wrote:
> Sorry you are bored with it but to those of us who USE your product
> it's actually pretty fascinating.

Thanks for pointing it out.  (I'm serious.)  There are several dozen
lurkers on this list, and I know I have a tendency to lose
sight of that since they don't speak up very often.  And even
those are but a tiny fraction of the user base.

> It was NEWS to me that Apache was about go 'corporate'. Even if it's
> 'not for profit' it doesn't take a rocket scentist to realize that
> it's bound to change SOMETHING about the way Apache works...
> and that's NEWS for those of us who make plans about whether
> or not we want to use your product.

Actually, one of the main goals we want to achieve by
incorporating is *not* changing the way Apache works.
We want the AG to be a legal entity for various reasons,
not least of is so it can accept donations of hardware,
software, money, and effort from organisations that can't
donate to something as nebulous as it is now.  And we want
to protect and maintain the Apache projects according to the
current open source model.

> you weed through the piss-poor documentation

Can you help us on that?  If not by actually writing corrections,
then by explaining what you find piss-poor about it?  I can't
promise any changes will be made, but I *will* promise to
try..  Now *there's* a place where we suffer by virtue of
being programers; none of us really want to do documentation. :-)

> The whole thread relates back to the guy who has been asking
> legitimate questions about 'contributing' code and GNU license(s)
> and all that...

True; do you think he wasn't answered?  Check out Roy's
first response in this thread; I thought it was complete.
The rest of this persiflage seems, to me, only indirectly
related to that..

> Now all of a sudden we are told that 'Apache is changing'.
> Some of the thread says 'it's changing but it won't change'.
> What does that mean?

Hmm.  Well, nothing about the development is supposed to
change, nor the distribution, nor the licence.  What
*is* supposed to change is that a corporation will be
formed with the goal of protecting those items and providing
an entity which can receive donations for the furtherance
of that purpose.  So I think the only change will be
essentially cosmetic to Apache users.

> Points that really need to be answered before thread dies...
> 1. Will this incorporation be 'for profit' or 'not for profit'?

Not for profit.

> 2. If 'not for profit' then will Apache have a TAX ID NUMBER and can
>     we all at least get a TAX BREAK if we donate time, money or
>     code to 'The Apache Foundation'? That will be COOL!

Maybe.  Probably.  Don't know.

> 3. WHEN is this supposed to happen? EXACTLY WHEN?
>     Before 2.0? After 2.0? During 2.0?

When it happens.  When will 2.0 be released?  Heck, when
will 1.3.5 be released?  As with those, it'll happen
when it's ready..

> People who use your product really deserve to know.

I agree that they deserve to know the answers to the questions
you've asked.  Some questions in this thread, though, I
don't think fall into that category.  Thanks for asking these
so clearly.
#ken	P-)}

Ken Coar                    <http://Web.Golux.Com/coar/>
Apache Group member         <>
"Apache Server for Dummies" <http://Web.Golux.Com/coar/ASFD/>

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