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From Andrew Finkenstadt <>
Subject Re: why not log request time?
Date Thu, 07 Jan 1999 20:48:32 GMT
However when you use a squid accelerator in front of Apache, you can very
easily feed the entire result set to squid in milliseconds and let squid
take care of the vagaries of networking with users at the end of modems and

I ended up writing a perl module to use Time::HiRes that my programs call to
show me how fast they run, really.


Marc Slemko wrote:
> Just use %T which logs the request length in seconds.
> There is one or four PRs asking for and submitting implementations of more
> fine-grained timing, but in many cases it really has little meaning
> since the accuracy of just how closely Apache can time things in many
> situations (due to the way the underlying network protocols work) is
> limited.

Andrew Finkenstadt (
"I know the answer's in there, the server's just too busy!" --Anon

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