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From Doug MacEachern <>
Subject ANNOUNCE: libapr-0.20_01 (Alpha)
Date Wed, 06 Jan 1999 16:36:02 GMT
>From the README:

libapr - Generic Apache Request Library 
This package contains modules for manipulating client request data via 
the Apache API with Perl and C.  Functionality includes: 
 - parsing of application/x-www-form-urlencoded data 
 - parsing of multipart/form-data  
 - parsing of HTTP Cookies 
See libapr.pod for the C API documentation and 
eg/c/ for examples. 
The Perl modules are simply a thin xs layer on top of libapr, 
making them a lighter and faster alternative to and 
CGI::Cookie.  See the Apache::Request and Apache::Cookie documentation 
for more details and eg/perl/ for examples. 


This "release" is intended for testing and to solicit feedback on the API,
which is subject to change at the moment.  The build process needs some
work (esp. if you have not installed mod_perl), so please be patient.  

The name `libapr' was chosen before (at least before I noticed) talk of
APPR and APR (Apache Portable Runtime), I ask for your help in suggesting a
new name to avoid confusion.  The Perl layer does not have this namespace
issue, only some documentation, library for C modules, and use of `apr' as
a variable name.
Rather long prefixes are used for the C API, suggestions are welcome there
as well.

A long-term home for the package has yet to be decided, but the snapshot is
currently available from:


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