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From Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.C...@Golux.Com>
Subject [STATUS] (apache-1.3) Fri Jan 29 23:45:12 EST 1999
Date Sat, 30 Jan 1999 04:45:16 GMT
  1.3 STATUS:
  Last modified at [$Date: 1999/01/25 22:55:31 $]


    1.3.5-dev: current.

    1.3.4: Tagged and rolled on Jan. 9.  Released on 11th, announced on 12th.
    1.3.3: Tagged and rolled on Oct. 7.  Released on 9th, announced on 10th.
    1.3.2: Tagged and rolled on Sep. 21. Announced and released on 23rd.
    1.3.1: Tagged and rolled on July 19. Announced and released.
    1.3.0: Tagged and rolled on June 1.  Announced and released on the 6th.
    2.0  : In pre-alpha development, see apache-2.0 repository



    * Randy's proposed changes for binbuild:
      1. Change to build binary only distribution

      2. Use standard Apache layout
         [It is currently using the BinaryDistribution layout that mimics
          the standard Apache layout _without_ any absolute paths in it
          (apart from HTTPD_ROOT /usr/local/apache). This makes it possible
          for a user to install it in _any_ directory.]
         [Roy: I don't understand what Randy wants to change here.]

      3. Add 'make dist' target to call
         [Roy: That would require a Makefile, which is what binbuild creates.
               I don't see any point in that.]

      4. Create toplevel 'setup' script for install to mirror win32 name
         [It is currently creating ""]

    * long pathnames with many components and no AllowOverride None
        Workaround is to define <Directory /> with AllowOverride None,
        which is something all sites should do in any case.
        Status: Marc was looking at it.

Documentation that needs writing:

Available Patches:

    * Roy's [PATCH] Core dump with Language Negotiation?!?
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Roy +1

    * Tony Finch's [PATCH] to mod_log_config.c to get both the 1.3.3
      behaviour of %v and the 1.3.4 behaviour as %V.
        Message-ID: <>

    * Ralf's patch to fix append of target name to layout paths
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Ralf +1, Roy +1

    * Ralf's adjusted version of Fred's Add strip flags variables
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Ralf +1

    * Fred's PATCH: Add strip flags variables in Makefile.tmpl
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Ralf -0 (see above replacement)

    * Fred's PATCH: man page section numbers
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Ralf +1, Roy +1

    * Fred's PATCH: Add cgidir, htdocsdir, iconsdir variables in Makefile.tmpl
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Ralf +1 (on concept)

    * Fred's PATCH: Add Mac OS X Server Layout file layout
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Roy +1

    * Jim Patterson's patch to make mod_info work on Win32
        Message-ID: PR#1442
        Status: Lars +1 (on concept)

    * Peter Greis' new '%m' CustomLog option: the time taken to serve the
      request, in milli-seconds.
        Message-ID: PR#2838
        Status: Jim +0 (as is, the patch requires rework since it needs
	  to be aware of NO_GETTIMEOFDAY and NO_TIMES as well as
	  implement a times() alternative. Not only that, but with
	  extended_status, we calculate this anyway).

    * Ronald Tschalär's ap_uuencode() bugfix
        Message-ID: PR#3411
        Status: Lars +1 (on concept)

    * Michael van Elst's patch [PR#3160] to improve mod_rewrite's
      in-core cache handling by using a hash table.
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Lars +1, Jim +1, Ralf +1 (on concept, but because the code
                                          change is not trivial I want to
                                          first walk though it line by line 
                                          the next days before we commit it).

    * Juan Gallego's patch to add CSH-style modifiers (:h, :r, :t, :e)
      to mod_include's variable processing.
	Mesage-ID: PR#3246, also available at
	Status: Ken -0 for 1.3/+0 for 2.0, Lars -0 for 1.3

    * Eric Prud'hommeaux's mod_dir mods for file-level access control.
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Jim -0 (The current behavior seems logical to me. If there
	was more universal interest in changing it, then that would be
	a different matter).

    * Eric Prud'hommeaux's mods for practical negotiation with
      file level access control.
        Message-ID: <>

    * Ronald Tschalär's major update of mod_digest
        Message-ID: <>
        Status: Big change -- needs review.

In progress:

    * Marc's [PATCH] PR#3323: recursive includes
        Message-ID: <>
	Status: Marc +1, Jim +1 (concept)
	* Needs more in-depth review *

    * Mark Bixby's freshening up the MPE/iX port (mostly APACI)
	Message-ID: <>
        Status: Mark says: "...currently waiting for HP to fix two OS bugs.
		A fix for siglongjmp() is available and has been tested
		successfully by me, but has yet to be included in a
		public patch.  The likely cause of the "EINTR from
		fopen()" bug has been identified, but analysis on how
		to fix it continues."

    * Doug MacEachern's libapr - Generic Apache Request Library (Alpha)
      This package contains modules for manipulating client request data
      via the Apache API with Perl and C.

Needs patch:

    * get_path_info bug; ap_get_remote_host should be ap_vformatter instead.
      See: <>

    * uri issues
	- RFC2068 requires a server to recognize its own IP addr(s) in dot
	notation, we do this fine if the user follows the dns-caveats
	documentation... we should handle it in the case the user doesn't ever
	supply a dot-notation address.

    * Problems dealing with .-rooted domain names such as "twinlark." versus
	"".  See the thread containing
	Message-ID: <> for more details.
	In particular this affects the correctness of the proxy and the
	vhost mechanism.

    * proxy_*_canon routines use r->proxyreq incorrectly.  See

    * work around a Navigator/Mozilla bug when mod_proxy is used
      (broken images).
	Message-ID: <>
        Status: Lars' patch was vetoed.  Roy and Dean think that it is
                probably another buffer magic number error and should be
                tested to find out and, if so, fixed like it was in core.

    * ap_escape_html() always duplicates the string, even when there is
      no change and the caller would be happy to use the original.
      What is needed is a separate interface for "don't need a dup"
      situations, like just about everywhere we use it in bvputs and
      bputs calls.

    * Should we disallow requests with bogus characters in the method?
      See <>

    * A mechanism is needed for applying access control to methods
      that are not known by the server core, either using a Limit __unknown__
      as in <<8B57882C41A0D1118F7100805F9F68B50631A7B2@RED-MSG-45>,
      or via a LimitExcept directive.

Open issues:

    * Official retirement of 1.2; when?  Ken suggests as of 1.3.4.
      'Retirement' to be interpreted as removing the verbiage from the
      main Apache page, but leaving the kits in /dist/.
	Status: Ken +1, Randy +1, Dean +1, Ralf +1, Jim +1

    * Someone other than Dean has to do a security/correctness review on
      psprintf(), bprintf(), and ap_snprintf().  In particular these routines
      do lots of fun pointer manipulations and such and possibly have overflow
      errors.  The respective flush_funcs also need to be exercised.
       o Jim's looked over the ap_snprintf() stuff (the changes that Dean
         did to make thread-safe) and they look fine.
       o Laura La Gassa's looked over ap_vformatter & other related code
       o Martin did a "source review" as well.
       o Could still use 1 or 2 more sets of eyeballs.
       Status: Is this still valid??

    * Paul would like to see a 'gdbm' option because he uses
      it a lot.

    * Maybe a http_paths.h file? See
	+1: Brian, Paul, Ralf, Martin
	+0: Jim (not for 1.3.0)

    * Release builds: Should we provide Configuration or not?
      Should we 'make all suexec' in src/support?
	+1: Brian, Jim, Ken +1 (possible suexec path issue, though)

    * root's environment is inherited by the Apache server. Jim & Ken
      think we should recommend using 'env' to build the
      appropriate environment. Marc and Alexei don't see any
      big deal. Martin says that not every "env" has a -u flag.

    * Marc's socket options like source routing (kill them?)
	Marc, Martin say Yes

    * Ken's PR#1053: an error when accessing a negotiated document
      explicitly names the variant selected.  Should it do so, or should
      the original URI be referenced?

    * Proposed API Changes:

	- r->content_language is for backwards compatibility... with modules
	  that may not link any longer without some minor editing.  The new
	  field is r->content_languages.  Heck it's not even mentioned in
	  apache-devsite/mmn.txt when we got content_languages (note the s!).
	  The proposal is to remove r->content_language:
	    Status: Paul +1, Ralf +1, Ken +1, Martin +1

	- child_exit() is redundant, it can be implemented via cleanups.  It is
	  not "symmetric" in the sense that there is no exit API method to go
	  along with the init() API method.  There is no need for an exit
	  method, there are already modules using cleanups to perform this (see
	  mod_mmap_static, and mod_php3 for example).  The proposal is to
	  remove the child_exit() method and document cleanups as the method of
	  handling this need.
	    Status: Rasmus +1, Paul +1, Jim +1, 
	            Martin +1, Ralf +1, Ken +1

    * Should we re-enable nagle now that we're non-buffering CGIs?  See
      various messages from Marc in March 98.
    * TZ should not be dealt with specially any longer now that we have
      "PassEnv".  See
       Jim: IMO it's too late in the game for this... I'm
            sure this would cause some strange bug reports as
	    people's cgi-scripts no longer work correctly
	    ("It worked just fine before I upgraded to 1.3.0")
	    unless we warn people in big nasty letters to add
	    PassEnv TZ to their config files "just in case"
	    and hope they do it :)

    * In ap_bclose() there's no test that (fb->fd != -1) -- so it's
      possible that it'll do something completely bogus when it's 
      used for read-only things. - Dean Gaudet

    * Roy's HTTP/1.1 Wishlist items:
        1) byte range error handling

    * use of spawnvp in uncompress_child in mod_mime_magic - doesn't
      use the new child_info structure, is this still safe?  Needs to be 
      looked at.

    * suexec doesn't understand argv parameters; e.g.

        <!--#exec cmd="./ls -l" -->

      fails even when "ls" is in the same directory because suexec is trying
      to stat a file called "ls -l".  A patch for this is available at

      and it's not bad except that it doesn't handle programs with spaces in
      the filename (think win32, or samba-mounted filesystems).  There are
      several PR's to this and I don't see for security reasons why we can't
      accomodate it, though it does add complexity to suexec.c.
      PR #1120
      Brian: +1

Win32 specific issues:


    * fix O(n^2) attack in mod_isapi.c ... i.e. recopy the code from

 In progress:

    * Ben's ASP work... All agree it sounds cool.

    * DDA's adding a tray application to the Windoze version for ease of
	Status: Ken +1, Sameer +1, Martin +1, Ben +1 (as long as
	we get a single executable)
	Paul: No like Win95 specific stuff
	Ken: What's W95-specific about it?


    * should trap ^C when running not-as-service and do proper shutdown

    * should have a pretty little icon for Apache on Win32

    * proxy module doesn't load on Win95.  Why?  Good question.  PR#1462.
    * Proxy cache garbage collection doesn't work. PR#1891

    * "Directory /", "Directory C:/" both fail to do anything, 
      while "Directory *" SEGVs.

    * chdir() for CGI scripts and mod_include #exec needs to be 
      re-implemented now that CreateProcess is being used.

    * process/thread model
	- need dynamic thread creation/destruction, similar to 
	  Unix process model
	- can't use WaitForMultipleObjects in the same way we
	  do now, since that has a limit of 64(!) objects.  Grr.

    * some errors printed by CGIs to stderr don't end up making it
      to the server log unless an extra debugging message is added
      after they run? (PR#1725 indicates this may not be just Win32)

    * handle bugs that make it pop up errors on console, ie. segv 
      equiv?  Can we do this?  Need to make it robust.

    * install
	- make installshield work
	- config in cvs tree?
	- install docs, etc.?
	- location for install

    * the mutex should be critical-regions, since the current design
      is creating a mess of SO calls that are unnecessary

    * we don't mmap on NT.  Use TransmitFile?

    * CGIs
	- docs on how they work w/scripts
	- use registry to find interpreter?
	- WTF is the buffering coming from?
	    - we don't have a way to make non-blocking files on NT!

    * performance

    * documentation:
	- running the server without admin
	- how CGIs work
	- update README.NT
	- short/long name handling
	- better status page on current state of NT for users

    * http_main.c hell
	- split into two files?

    * who should run the service?  Who exactly is the "system account"?

      docs say:

      Localsystem is a very privileged account locally, so you shouldn't run
      any shareware applications there. However, it has no network privileges
      and cannot leave the machine via any NT-secured mechanism, including
      file system, named pipes, DCOM, or secure RPC.


      A service that runs in the context of the LocalSystem account
      inherits the security context of the SCM. It is not associated with
      any logged-on user account and does not have credentials (domain
      name, user name, and password) to be used for verification. This
      has several implications: [... removed ...]

      That _really_ sucks.  Can we recommend running Apache as some 
      other user?

    * modules that need to be made to work on win32
        - mod_example isn't multithreadreded
	- mod_unique_id (needs mt changes)
	- mod_auth_db.c  (do we want to even try this?  We should have some
          db of some sort... what else can we pick from under win32?)
	- mod_auth_dbm.c
	- mod_info.c (PR#1442 re exporting symbols for it...)
	- mod_log_agent.c
	- mod_log_referer.c
	- mod_mime_magic.c (needs access to mod_mime API stage...)

    * do something to disable bogus warnings

    * rfc1413.c has static storage which won't work multithreaded

    * mod_include --> exec cgi, exec cmd, etc. don't work right.
      Looks like a code path that isn't run anywhere else that has
      something not quite right...  A PR or two on it.

    * signal type handling
    	- how to rotate logs from command line?
	  (Point people to Andrew Ford's cronolog because it's "better"
	   than ours?)

    * Currently if you double click on the conf files or the
      log files you get a useless dialog offering the set of all
      executables, usually after a very long pause.  Ought
      to stuff .conf in the registry mapping it to text.

    * apparently either "BrowserMatch" or the "nokeepalive" variable
      cause instability - see PR#1729.

   The goal here is to have two columns of all-Y (where applicable)
   for the two stable release versions, and nothing under Old unless
   the new version just doesn't work on that platform.

                        1.2.6   1.3.4   Old
   aix_4.1                N       N     1.2.5, 1.3.1
   alphalinux             N       N     1.3.0
   aux_3.1                N       N     1.3.0
   decalphaNT             N       N     1.3b6
   dunix_4.0              N       N     1.2.4, 1.3.0, 1.3.1
   freebsd_2.1            N       N     1.2.4
   freebsd_2.2            N       N     1.2.5
   hpux_10.20             N       N     1.2.5
   hpux_11                N       N     1.3.2
   irix_6.2               N       N     1.2.5
   linux_2.x              N       N     1.2.4, 1.3.0
   netbsd_1.2             N       N     1.2.4
   os2                    N       N     1.3.2
   reliantunix_5.4        Y       N     1.3.1
   solaris                N       N     1.2.5, 1.3.0, 1.3.1
   sparclinux             N       N     1.3.0, 1.3.1
   sunos_4.1.x            N       N     1.2.5
   ultrix_4.4             N       N     1.2.4
   win32                  -       N     1.3.2  (is symlink okay?)

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