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From "Bill Jones" <>
Subject Re: Copyright & donating code
Date Sun, 24 Jan 1999 11:54:47 GMT
:]  That's cool.

(But will things get fixed in any more of a timely fashion;
 and will I have to start paying continuing licensing fees
 or annual maintenance fees to use varying levels of the
 Apache server code?  Or anyone else's module code?)

I am sure you can see where I am leading.  Many projects
started out as completely free, but without concrete
support (sure, thru Usenet, et al.)

A few years back I was installing an completely IBM-centric
AIX (8-way) with 500+ OS/2 Connect clients (spread-out over 15
public housing communities here in Jax, FL.)  An issue came up
where the client need to share documents of varying types and
Apache was like version .0001 (just kidding, but it was raw
none-the-less.)  I looked at various options and decided
to use Apache to help distribute the document sharing issues.

Everything worked out great :]  Then the questions started.
I spoke with various people on Usenet and at the 'Apache
Group' - they were all very helpful, but not so much as to
actually resolve problems, etc.  After much cussing and
discussing - the client decided to hire yet another consultant
who proceeded to custom write what really amounted to
FTP software to send the documents everywhere they
needed to be, etc.

Fast forward to this year - I am now working (again) as
an employee and not a contractor, and I am designing
distributed solutions in an Intranet/Internet
environment.  But, after all this time, one things still
sticks out in my mind - not real concrete support.

I am not bitching, mind you; and I for one truly
appreciate the new abilities that Apache can do now.
But, honestly, long term, will 'it' be any better off?
Will the source die off for lack of interest as the red
tape thickens?

I read earlier here that no modules would be accepted
unless there was someone willing to maintain that new
code portion, etc.  What about maintenance of the code
that is there?  I know that many of the contributors are
very busy - However, as more and more 'mission-critical'
applications are moved to Apache server - IS and
upper management will want to have more say in the
support structure offered - and some say in the terms and
conditions, etc.

I also realized a few years ago that 'free' doesn't mean
free of worry, questions, work required to get it to work, or
other maintenance hassles.  At some point in time I found
myself where many of my clients are -

"I just want it to work. Why it that so hard to achieve?
What is it going to take to get this to perform in this
manner? Should I just stick with more main stream
business who provide the services I need?"

I am sure you can reword the client concerns in the above
paragraph to match any senario you care to contemplate.

As I said, not a bitch, just something to think
about as this cool software movement once called 'Free'
evolves more and more.

I also wish to think everyone for their time in
actually reading this mess, as I said, I know
that you are all very busy - as I am.

Of all the projects out there, the Apache project, IMHO,
is the best one, over all, with more protential long term :]
(Not to start a holy war with 'perl' mind you :)

Thx again :]
Bill Jones  | FCCJ Webmaster |

>From: "Roy T. Fielding" <>
>Subject: Re: Copyright & donating code
>Date: Sun, Jan 24, 1999, 3:16 AM

>>Is the Apache group Incorporating?  Or are you going to?
> Yes, as a non-profit, for the purpose of beating up people who
> abuse our copyright and trademarks, and so that we can store money
> to be spent on project support and conferences.  Those are the two main
> reasons for needing a corporation.  We also hope to streamline some of
> the boring business decisions and create a framework for other projects
> to operate under one umbrella.
> ....Roy

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