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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Pools and Threads and Errors
Date Thu, 14 Jan 1999 17:05:41 GMT

In Apache 2.0 we have discussed having a layer, NPR like, that will
provide threads and other os abstractions.  Call that APR for the
purposes of this note. I assume this will be kind of a giant evolved
out of the os/ directory.  

I assume that we will move the pools abstraction into and low down in
this facility.  That would resolve a number of irritating uses of
malloc found in the os directory and free up a lot of other chaff
that ought to have moved out of the main/ directory as general
utilities a long while ago.

We have discussed before (a year or more) that every thread ought
to have it's own pool.  I assume that the pool of a thread will be
our principle tool for cleaning up when a thread is destroyed.

We have discussed before that the operation set of a thread can not
include an interrupt (i.e. the analogous operation to Unix signals).
The only way to get a thread's attention is to destroy it or hope
that it mets up with you somehow.  I assume this implies that timeout
will be done by destroying the threads.

Am I delusional yet?

 - ben

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