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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Shared Memory Pools ;-)
Date Mon, 25 Jan 1999 15:42:10 GMT
Ralf S. Engelschall writes:
>Since years I was annoyed of the fact that our pre-forked process model
>basically means that every server lives it's own life (= address space) and
>this way module authors cannot easily spread module configuration or other
>data accross the processes. For most of the modules that's no real problem.
>But it gets nasty when you want to write for instance a mod_traffic which
>counts in real-time the traffic of Apache.  Or a mod_bandwidth which thottles
>the total used bandwidth of Apache.  

Go for it.

Originally I felt this is a severe lacking in Apache, of late I've
come to prefer hiding these kinds of applications behind a message
passing design.  Later choosing an inter-process or intra-process
implementation.  I find I tend to use a inter-process implementation
so that the server's reliability less at risk from individual foul
ups.  At the heart of that preference is when you share memory and
decide that one process is corrupt it's hard to justify killing only
that process when it's sharing memory with others. (Excuse me while
I reboot this Mac here... ok I'm back now)

>Idea and Proposed Solution

Very nice, as usual.  Read only access would be good.

Code that doesn't get checked in disappears, so I'd like to
see this go into the 1.3 family.

 - ben

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