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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject I/O timeouts in A2 (was Re: Pools and Threads and Errors)
Date Fri, 15 Jan 1999 00:22:08 GMT
Dean Gaudet writes:
>> >If you look at how we currently use timeouts, we use them to get back from
>> >network/pipe reads and writes.  That's pretty easy to implement via select
>> >under unix (and I know it can be done under NT, I just don't know the
>> >mechanism -- NSPR implements it).  The NSPR port adds a timeout parameter
>> >to BUFF, and all reads or writes on that BUFF respect the timeout.
>> Yes all I/O operations should time out.  Presumably when BUFF get that
>> a timeout it marks the BUFF as dead in some sense?
>It calls the previously unused error handler for the BUFF, which gives the
>user a chance to do something special.  I forget exactly what I did. 

Unused in the core code possibly.

Could not timing out the I/O be handled much as losing the connection,
except for possibly the log message?

 - ben

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