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From "Eric Anderson" <>
Subject RE: Thread/Process model discussion.
Date Fri, 29 Jan 1999 20:45:35 GMT
> > That's a benefit to the end user (more goodies to choose from).  I think
> > that an OO Apache would be much easier to extend (for programmers) and
> > would benefit end users because the supply of extensions (modules,
> > customized versions of the core...) would increase.
> I'd argue that one.  And this has been discussed to death here in the past

Has it?  I was wondering about that.  I've only been on the list for a
couple of months and have no doubt missed lots of good stuff.

> I agree that there would be some technical benefits to using C++, but I
don't agree that it would make the
> server more robust.  It may be easier to make it robust in C++, but that
is a separate issue.

Of course, the mere choice of a language does not yield robustness.  As you
say, it simply makes it easier in some ways (and of course introduces
potential pitfalls).

> Assuming the same number of programmers are comfortable in this
> higher-level language.  Just about every C++ programmer can write C
> whereas the opposite is not true.  When it comes to Open Source projects
> where contributed code is essential, not limiting yourself to a smaller
> subset of available talent is a factor that needs to be considered.

Good point.  I've been a C++ programmer for about four years now, and
everyone around me seems to be either a C++ or Java programmer, so I just
automatically assumed that that is the prevailing state of the industry.
FWIW, I've also been in PC-land, where C++ is perhaps more common than

I AM curious though: do you think that there are really a lot more open
source C people than C++ people?  Are they even teaching ANSI C in college
these days?

> There really is no point to this argument.  You are either an OO (or at
> least the twisted C++ variety thereof) freak or you aren't.  For someone
> who thinks in OO terms when writing code the things you say make perfect
> sense and it seems like such an obvious approach.  For people who have
> been writing non-OO code for 25 years, the switch is not so automatic and
> to many what was once a very clean and logical structure to a piece of
> code now becomes a tangled mess.  I don't think anybody is ever going to
> convince me that multiple inheritance is a good idea, for example.

Heh heh, I rather like MI (of course).  A pity it was left out of Java.  But
anyway, your point is well taken.  If this is truly the defining argument
w/regard to language choice for Apache, and if the fact is that people who
know C++ are a substantial minority, then I'd concede the point.  Obviously,
a C Apache is far superior to no Apache at all.  I'd rather thought I'd hear
arguments about the "efficiency" of one language versus another, or about
why OO would be the ruin of us all.  :)


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