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From "Eric Anderson" <>
Subject RE: Thread/Process model discussion.
Date Fri, 29 Jan 1999 18:54:21 GMT
> I like the hybrid process/thread architecture.  In a purely threaded
> environment a fatal error in a loaded module will take down your server.

Not if the server's written in C++ (as Apache should be) and you use
exception handling.

Yes, I know this resembles flame-bait, but it's really not.  I'd love to see
a pure C++ implementation, including a new module API (that resembles the
Java servlet API perhaps).  If the overhead/baggage/resource consumption of
the multiple-process model is acceptable, then a bit of C++ language
overhead ought to be acceptable too.  You'd get a more robust server
(exception handling, better resource leak prevention (via object
destructors)), and IMO it would be easier to extend the platform (imagine a
"module" base class ... just derive from it, override a few functions, and
tada, a new module).  Yes, all this *can* be accomplished (except for
exception handling) in straight C, it's just easier (to me anyway) in C++
w/the OO model.

C++, OO model, lots of STL, and maybe some good platform specific
performance tweaks (like asynchronous I/O w/completion ports on NT) - now
that would rock!  :)


ETA Associates, Inc.

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