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From "Eric Anderson" <>
Subject RE: C++
Date Sat, 30 Jan 1999 20:41:59 GMT
> The list is, but there ain't no-one talking :-)

Really?  How does one get on it?

> I've yet to understand how people can think C++ is bad and yet still
> think Java is good. If you promise to only ever use pointers in C++ you
> can hardly see the difference.

If you only use references (instead of pointers), lots of exception
handling, and STL, it practically IS Java, except with better IDE/debugging
support.  You lose the WORA of Java, and the nice standard libraries, but
you get better performance and the ability to customize the code in a
platform-specific way.

> Except you don't get templates in Java so you have all the crappy runtime

Templates are cool.  I'm still not clear on why Java interfaces are
(allegedly) better than C++ MI, but that's a non-Apache discussion for sure.

> Don't get me wrong. I like Java. But I like C++, too. Horses for courses.

Java rocks, for some things, but in my mind it still has a couple of major
poor IDE support
(relatively, compared to native code) poor performance
deployment issues (does your VM support JNI, RMI?  Are your class libs up to
date (with JFC for example)?)

Besides, we already have Java web servers coming out of our ears.

C++ might not be an OOP purist's choice, but for a reasonable OO model,
excellent performance, and very good tool support, it's hard to beat.


ETA Associates, Inc.

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