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From Randy Terbush <ra...@Covalent.NET>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache-1.3/src/helpers TestCompile
Date Tue, 08 Dec 1998 18:55:06 GMT
Jim Jagielski <> writes:
> > Yes, and that makes sense. What I am seeing is that if configure is
> > called from a shell invoked by gmake, the configuration process will
> > error out as follows:
> > 
> > Creating Makefile in src
> >  + configured for FreeBSD 3.0 platform
> >  + setting C compiler to gcc
> >  + setting C pre-processor to gcc -E
> >  + checking for system header files
> >  + adding selected modules
> > make: don't know how to make w. Stop
> >  + doing sanity check on compiler and options
> > ** A test compilation with your Makefile configuration
> > ** failed. This is most likely because your C compiler
> > ** is not ANSI. Apache requires an ANSI C Compiler, such
> > ** as gcc. The above error message from your compiler
> > ** will also provide a clue.
> >  Aborting!
> > 
> > Calling 'gmake' in this test case solves the problem. One fix would be 
> > to set MAKE=make if MAKE is undefined, but I'm not sure that is really 
> > the problem here. Any feedback would be welcome.
> > 
> Strange.... The makefile itself in helpers is pretty generic so it should
> work with all versions of make. Not sure why it's saying that it doesn't
> know how to 'make w'... What's 'w'?

For some reason, 'make' is defining a "global" target to .TARGET for
w. The call to make dummy gets appended to these. I have no idea where 
w is coming from. I've chased this around quite a bit.

> Is this using 'configure' or 'Configure'? I do notice that we use TARGET in
> helpers/TestCompile, so maybe it's a conflict there??

Doesn't seem so. I'm about to get back to fixing this and the other
outstanding issue that Paul raised. I've also found some other nits
that will require that we change 'make' to $(MAKE) in order to get
things to work in this somewhat strange case I have.


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