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From Randy Terbush <ra...@Covalent.NET>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Configuration (4/4): TARGET name
Date Wed, 02 Dec 1998 04:25:31 GMT
Rodent of Unusual Size <Ken.Coar@Golux.Com> writes:
> Randy Terbush wrote:
> > 
> > In cases where we are installing in an existing server layout, we
> > would not remove them, obviously. If they aren't there, then they
> > won't be read by any server. If we put them there, we are in a sense
> > endorsing this configuration layout, which I don't think we should
> > be. If I am a user which has learned not to use these files, I
> > certainly don't want Apache stuffing up my conf directory by putting
> > srm.conf, srm.conf.default, access.conf and access.conf.default in my
> > config directory.
> Absolutely.
> >                   On the same topic, I'm getting tired of explaining
> > to users that these files aren't necessary and can cause
> > problems. Apache hasn't required /dev/null to turn this off since
> > 1.2. Seems time to cut the cord.
> Mmm, I somewhat agree.  I would rather like to ease this
> transition; say, release 1.3.4 with the One True Config and
> the stubs, and for 1.3.5 (even if this is all that goes into
> that release) remove the use-them-if-they're-there magic-ness
> of srm & access and don't even supply the stubs.  I'd like
> the 1TC change to go out first and separate, in other words.

FTR - I'm not sure I would advocate disabling the magic inclusion of
these files in 1.3.x. That would cause too much grief for those
depending on it. 2.0 is a different matter though. I'm just advocating 
getting rid of them from our examples.

> > I won't rant on this much more. I can live with installing these stubs
> > in there for 1 release if that is the concensus. Seems kind of
> > pointless though and only creates a mess.
> If we had done this for 1.3.0 I think I'd have agreed.  But
> for a 1.3.[^0] release I'd prefer to phase it in.  Just FWIW.

Ok. The stubs remain after my recent commit and I won't raise this
again until 1.3.5.

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