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From Lars Eilebrecht <>
Subject [PATCH/PROPOSAL] binbuild script, take 1
Date Sun, 13 Dec 1998 16:50:13 GMT

I've developed a solution for building binary distributions
(see attachments). I've only tested this first version on Linux,
but want to throw it in here for discussion...

To test it perform the following steps:

- export a recent Apache version from cvs into a directory
  with the name "apache-1.3.4-dev"
- copy the file "config.layout" (from attachment) over the
  original layout file
- copy the scripts "" and "" from the
  attachment to "src/helpers"
- cd into "apache-1.3.4-dev" and execute "src/helpers/"

If no error occured you'll find the following two files
in the parent directory:


A user who wants to install the binary distribution has to
execute the following commands:

  gtar -zxvf apache-1.3.4-dev-<GNU-triple>.tar.gz
  cd apache-1.3.4-dev
  ./ /path/to/serverroot

Then the user should be able to start Apache with

  /path/to/serverroot/bin/apachectl start 

Details about the distribution:

The binbuild scripts uses 'configure' with the options
to build the distribution. 'BinaryDistribution' is a special
path layout (from config.layout) that mimics the classical
Apache path layout _without_ any absolute paths in it
(apart from HTTPD_ROOT /usr/local/apache). This makes
it possible for a user to install it in _any_ directory
If "" is executed without an option
/usr/local/apache is used. If a user chooses a different
path the files apachectl and httpd.conf are modified

During the build step Apache is installed with
"make install-quiet root=bindist/" and simply
copies the contents of the bindist directory into the new location
(htdocs and .conf files are preserved if they already exist). 

Additionally the two files "INSTALL.bindist" and "README.bindist"
are created by the binbuild script.
The binary archive contains the standard source distribution
and all bindist-stuff.

Any comments?

Lars Eilebrecht                         - He who knows, does not speak.                    - He who speaks, does not know. (Lao Tsu)

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