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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject eddieware
Date Sun, 13 Dec 1998 20:25:31 GMT
Interesting... too bad it's based on the MPL. 


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Subject: Ericsson joins free software movement
Date: Thu, 10 Dec 1998 21:15:07 GMT


    Today, Ericsson releases its  development environment Erlang/OTP, as
Open Source. Open  Source means  that the  source  code is free  to  the
public,  and  that anyone may   use  Erlang/OTP for building  commercial
applications without restrictions.

    Ericsson uses  Erlang/OTP (Open Telecom  Platform)  to build carrier
class products.   For instance, Erlang/OTP  has been used to develop the
Ericsson AXD 301    ATM Switch, a  system   supporting mobility  between
different  office sites with one personal  DECT telephone,  and a system
providing 8 Mbits bandwidth to the home over twisted pair copper wires.

    Ericsson's product for   high availability server farms, Eddie,   is
also built with  Erlang/OTP and   released as   Open Source. For    more
information about Eddie, see

    Erlang is a   programming  language which   has many features   more
commonly associated  with  an operating system  than  with a programming
language:   concurrent    processes,   scheduling,   memory  management,
distribution, networking, etc.

    Erlang/OTP makes it   easier to build telecommunications   products,
with    their  high  requirements  for  non-stop   functionality, speed,
distribution, and concurrency. Erlang/OTP supports a number of operating
systems and processors, and can be integrated with different development

    We want to  spread the technology in order  to speed  development of
Erlang/OTP,  ensure  a good  supply   of Erlang/OTP fluent  programmers,
minimize maintenance  and development costs  for the language,  and keep
the technology up to world class.

    For more information about Erlang/OTP, see

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