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From Tony Finch <>
Subject Re: Some logging issues & questions
Date Thu, 24 Dec 1998 14:48:51 GMT
Dean Gaudet <> wrote:
>On Wed, 23 Dec 1998, Tony Finch wrote:
>> The latter step is done on the basis of what Apache puts in the %v
>> field, i.e. what it thinks the ServerName is when it writes the log.
>> Because UseCanonicalName can change this, and because customers can
>> put it in their .htaccess files, they can therefore confuse the log
>> system and e.g. get free bandwidth...
>Oh yuck, that wasn't intentional... I think mod_log_config should be
>changed to use r->server_hostname unconditionally... ditto for the
>port.  I'll make that change.

I thought that might be the case. However, we are playing tricks with
UseCanonicalName in order to avoid filling httpd.conf with thousands
of <VirtualHost> configuration directives and having to kick the
server when anything changes. This isn't a fix for us :-(


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