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From "Roy T. Fielding" <>
Subject Re: Hmmm... the new --with-layout stuff breaks major APACI goals
Date Wed, 16 Dec 1998 01:06:08 GMT
Ralf, I am glad APACI exists, but I am sick and tired of this
"us against them" rant you keep repeating every time someone criticizes
APACI.  Just stuff it.  I don't use APACI because I never do an install,
not because I don't think it is worthwhile to help other users do an
install.  And, quite frankly, the reason the default path layout is
changing now instead of last year is because you didn't take the others'
feedback seriously when they originally asked for the traditional path
layout to be used, not because the rest of the group is behaving
irresponsibly now.

I think the default layout should be the classic Apache one.  I don't
believe that any user is going to be surprised, but you can easily solve
that problem by checking the old default layout for an existing file
and ask the user to confirm the new layout.  I don't think that requiring
an explicit --with-layout option is a good idea even as a compromise,
particularly since I don't believe in design by compromise.  But for
crissakes, let's just fix it and stop bitching about how we got into
this predicament in the first place.


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