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Subject Re: FW: general/3563: I want to allow the definition and use of macros withi...
Date Wed, 23 Dec 1998 02:03:34 GMT

> Joseph Bridgewater wrote:
>  > It isn't always possible to invoke an external program prior to running
>  > Apache such as in the case of starting Apache as an NT service.  Perhaps
>  > Apache could simply be modified to optionally run (an) external
>  > just prior to loading the config file(s)?

>  Ben Laurie wrote:
>  Sure - why fix one operating system when you can fix 1000 apps instead?

Now now... it's Christmas... you UNIX boys behave!

Just for the record... it is, in fact, possible to 'invoke an external
prior to running Apache ( or anything else ) as an 'NT service'.

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