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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Acknowledgements
Date Wed, 16 Dec 1998 19:57:16 GMT
Ben Laurie wrote:
> Ben Hyde wrote:
> > Yes, names on the code can create an excuse not to dive in and take a
> > wack at things.  But they are not the principle cause of this problem,
> > the principle cause is that bundle of fears.  In my opinion they are a
> > useful tool, a reward if you will, in overcoming that fear.
> Seems to me that what you say is largely true, but either everyone does
> it, or no-one should. Since the tradition in AG has been to _not_ flag
> every change in the code but to flag them in CHANGES instead (with
> attribution) it doesn't seem right or sensible to suddenly start doing
> it differently now.
> Also, attribution in CHANGES gets you the best of both worlds - rewards
> without territorial marking...

A view of an "outsider" :

I never see the CHANGES file. Never even thought to look in there. For
me, the people who receive "reputation points" for Apache are those
listed at If your name isn't there, sorry,
you lose.

Names in a CHANGES file or within individual files do not confer any
reputation (in my mind) because of the issues raised on this list:
Apache is a group thing, so you can never believe a name within a file
is the "real" contributor for that file. Heck, the initial author might
have written total crap, so the real contributor was actually the person
who got rid of those 12 crasher bugs.

As an outsider, I'd recommend to you guys to forget the names within the
files and the CHANGES file. I'd say they're moot for everybody but you
guys (e.g. to track who probably knows the piece of code the best).

I'd also recommend that you ensure that the Contributors page is
maintained promptly and accurately. That is the page that best provides
the ego boost.


Greg Stein,

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