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From Greg Stein <>
Subject version component misbehavior
Date Sun, 13 Dec 1998 09:25:54 GMT
I've scoured http_main.c trying to find a reason for this, but couldn't.
Maybe somebody more familiar will know why.

In Apache 1.3.4-dev, I get server version strings like this:

Server: DAV/0.9.5 Apache/1.3.4-dev (Unix) DAV/0.9.5

No idea why. In 1.3.3, it looks fine (the component appears once, on the

At line 4596 in http_main.c, there are two calls to ap_init_modules()
(I'm adding the component in my init function). That has to be the
kicker, but that same code exists in 1.3.3. Diff's between 1.3.4-dev and
1.3.3 don't show anything relevant.

Any ideas?


Greg Stein,

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