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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: apache as server skeleton?
Date Sun, 13 Dec 1998 02:40:27 GMT
Mark D. Anderson wrote:
> i have a client with a serious not-invented-here problem.
> They've written not one but two of their own web servers, and now
> an engineer is about to commence writing a server daemon from
> scratch for licensing and authorization, which will basically serve
> rpc-over-http tunnelling (for maybe a half-dozen methods).
> They balk when i suggest using apache: "that's huge! i can just write
> this little C/C++ app that does it". This is for internal use,
> and they have a few terabytes of data, so i'm not sure exactly
> what the objection about size is about. My concern is about stability,
> a needless waste of time writing unneeded code, and how well that
> home-grown server will scale.
> So, does anyone have experience or tips for how to strip
> apache down to as few files and modules as necessary, so that
> basically it just uses a single apache module and/or cgi program
> to dynamically serve all http requests (no file serving)?

I'd recommend not bothering to strip it down. That would destabilize
Apache and not save you a lot of time over writing a new server app.

Just disable most of the modules and the executable size should actually
be pretty small.


Greg Stein,

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