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From Paul Ausbeck <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Win32 device files
Date Fri, 04 Dec 1998 20:50:37 GMT
Joseph Bridgewater wrote:
> I'm just wondering here - is it actually important to support 'Doze95?
> That "os" was never designed to be a server anyway.
Apache already doesn't compile on windows 95 using MSVC 5.0. The problem
is that the distribution uses %PARAM% type arguments in nmake
invokations. On Windows 95, some commands in makefiles are simulated by
nmake itself and those that cannot like nmake itself are invoked
directly, not through the command interpreter. This means that the %%
parameters are just passed directly to the execed program. All nmake
does is change %% to %.

Compile time problems are easier to work around, though, than runtime
problems. To the best of my knowledge, W95 does not exhibit that
particular stat problem.

Paul Ausbeck

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