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From Greg Stein <>
Subject Re: Compression via content negotiation
Date Thu, 03 Dec 1998 03:15:10 GMT wrote:
> ...
> BTW: A lot of the discussin is in a sense, academic. If ANYONE wants
> to compress their HTML documents independent of SERVER SIDE
> support or CLIENT BROWSER COMPATIBILITY there is at least one
> product I know of that ALREADY DOES THIS quite well. Average
> compression is 60-70% on ANY HETML document including DHTML,
> XML and JAVA APPLETS. ( Yes.. it even compresses JAVA(tm)! ).
> ...

Man, oh man. Can you *please* ease up on your Caps Lock key? Sheesh. It
makes your emails look like they're shouting at me. Not to mention,
simply much harder to read.

Regarding the Hyperspace product: is it open source? If not, then the
issue is moot. People are looking for an open source product here.
Looking at the page about Hyperspace, it sure doesn't look to be open
source. Also, it is written as a client-side plugin. One of the issues
here is to work with unmodified, popular browsers that a typical user
has (not something that requires clients to take specific action to plug
stuff in).


Greg Stein,

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