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From Greg Stein <>
Subject possible configuration idea
Date Wed, 02 Dec 1998 08:17:27 GMT
I'm going to stay out of this debate :-), but I've got a small idea to

One of the issues that has come up quite often is the portability of the
different solutions, and how to ensure the portability. Problems creep
up with shell features that can be used, additional support tools and
commands that are available, etc.

An approach that the MudOS LPmud driver took was to compile and build
its own tool as part of the configuration process. The C code used
*very* limited headers, used only the most basic library functions, and
stuck to classic K&R. That tool was then used to assist the rest of the
configuration process.

A similar approach could be used by Apache for its configuration/build
process to help with its portability.


Greg Stein,

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