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From Fabien COELHO <>
Subject Re: FW: general/3563: I want to allow the definition and use of macros within runtime configuration files.
Date Thu, 24 Dec 1998 10:02:56 GMT

> > But I don't think there is such a need. I would even say more: it MUST NOT
> > grow to a language.
> Trust me, it is impossible to avoid freeping creaturism in something like
> this.

Yes it is. See, my creativity is stopped by the AG conservatism;-)

If macro are 'in' it's easier to control their non-development, but
if it is an external module the AG won't have the control;-)

> You have already started to talk about includes, tests, variables,
> etc.  

'a la cpp' includes and tests are already in.
I need 'a la cpp' defines that would work with apache configuration files.

> I once attempted to write a short and concise macro language.  And you
> probably know what happened to that attempt.

I agree that PHP (I guess it is what you're refering to) grew over
control. But bad experience does not mean that useful feature cannot
be added.


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