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From Fabien COELHO <>
Subject Re: general/3563: I want to allow the definition and use of macros within runtime configuration files.
Date Wed, 23 Dec 1998 09:30:28 GMT

> >[...]
> > The question is how useful the feature is. For instance mod_rewrite is
> > included in the distribution. I'm a satisfied user of it, but such a big
> > module could be a third party module. It is not, because it may be of
> > interest to many, even if not to all. I do think the same about macros.
> >[...]
> IMHO you forgot two important points: First mod_rewrite was very stable,
> clean and proved by the user community a long time _before_ we comitted
> it to the Apache distribution. Second mod_rewrite couldn't be part of
> the distribution when I wouldn't be a member of the group.  Not because
> of license or whatever author reasons. No, just because the group cannot
> provide a module (= piece of software) for which there is no maintainer
> in the group. And especially complex modules like mod_rewrite cannot
> survive without an active maintainer _inside_ the group.  This was one
> of the major reason why mod_fastcgi.c was removed in the past when you
> remember.

You humble opinion is right, I happen not to know about these historical
points and motivations of the apache saga.

I daren't compare my simple module with your great very stable, clean and
proved rewrite machinery;-) I was naive to think that modules are included
only because they are of interest to some/many/most users. There are other
issues. I agree that a software must be stable before inclusion. But as
mod_macro is a simple feature, I don't think it is a big issue. Moreover I
can assume its maintenance, whether I'm in or out of "the apache group". 
It's no big deal.


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