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From Aidan Cully <>
Subject adding vhost-specific data to shared error logs
Date Sat, 12 Dec 1998 00:58:43 GMT
Hello again..
I've attached a 300 line patch to apache which should allow what the
subject line says, though I haven't tested it yet.  Obviously, I'll test
it before I even want it to go in; this message is just to get feedback
on how I've implemented what I want to do, and if anyone else is
interested in this.  Basically, I've added an
AddLogger <name> /path/to/logger directive to httpd.conf, and made
ErrorLog %<name>:<string> talk to the logger named <name>.  The logs that
get sent to <name> look like "<string> rest of log_error output", without
the quotes or the angle brackets (unless the string has angle brackets in
it).  I was going to use it to add the following to our httpd.conf
AddLogger vhost "|/apache/bin/log-prog"
and this to all our virtual-hosts
	ErrorLog "%vhost:UID GID /path/to/docroot/error_logs/errlog"
so that log-prog could securely create (if it didn't exist) and write to
/path/to/docroot/error_logs/errlog as the userid.

What do y'all think?
Aidan Cully       "I assume you're all in bands.."
Panix Staff          --Robyn Hitchcock

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