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From Webmaster+BOfH <>
Subject throttling
Date Sat, 05 Dec 1998 02:36:02 GMT
Are there any plans of supporting bandwith limiting
as an apache standard module?

Throttling perhaps generally is better done in the
router, but it's hard to get that to work with

I believe throttling is supported in IIS4 and I do
*not* want to use that crap.
(some PHBs might beg to differ...)

I've tried the mod_bandwidth from the contrib
tarball, but I cannot get decent performance out
of it (I never got more than 50k/sec no matter
how high I cranked up the limit, compared to
800k/sec w/o throttling)

That module seems to have been developed under
1.2bX, so it might do something horribly wrong
talking to the 1.3 core...


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