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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: FW: general/3563: I want to allow the definition and use of macros within runtime configuration files.
Date Thu, 24 Dec 1998 14:49:08 GMT
Fabien COELHO writes:
> ... See, my creativity is stopped by the AG conservatism;-)

This goes to the heart of our problem.  Fun v.s. Conservatism.

We would like to do some _fun_ things with Apache, but find our selves
caught by an assortment of forces that are making it difficult.
Conservatism with it's fetish for: safety - never break it; controlled
evolution - serve that immovable installed base; process - the tedium
of long public review for changes) is only one of these forces.

The group has done a tremendous amount of polishing of Apache over the
last few years and the result has become pretty damn smooth.  It is
becoming harder and harder to find a place on the surface were one can
get some traction and buff up some nice new features.

As a consequence we have begun to turn our attention to deeper
transformations.  A new I/O model (pipelines and content assembly),
alternate process models (threads), more standard configuration (XML),
and richer more elegant module API, etc. etc.

The frustration with attempting to get a handle on the smooth surface
of the old code is the push, and the excitement of new turf to dig in
is the pull.  Most importantly if we can make the leap of faith we
will create a huge space for people inside and outside of the group
to become engaged in.

You suggestion for further polishing to the config language arrives in
the midst of this period of preparation for the leap of faith into the
new.  Each of those deeper transformations has undergone a certain
amount of thrashing about as we attempt to reach a consensus about
where to go with them.

Try not to take personally that the temperature was high in the region
of the design space you wandered into.  I know it appeared that all 
that was going on there was silence.  We are building up a head of
steam that should explode in the leap to version 2. 

Any moment now. :-)

 - ben

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