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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Acknowledgements
Date Thu, 17 Dec 1998 00:06:54 GMT
Ben Laurie writes:
>Ben Hyde wrote:
>> Ben Laurie writes:
>> >Also, attribution in CHANGES gets you the best of both worlds - rewards
>> >without territorial marking...
>> Oh please, when I sign a hunk of code I'm not a dog peeing on a tree,
>> I'm allowing my self a bit of Peter Pan's crow.
>Hey, the dog pee idea was yours, not mine.

This is silly and I should resist but in Altavista the term
"territorial marking" is used 99% of the time for a problem with cats,
kittens and puppies.  I had no reason to know what meaning you had in 
mind so I apologize for the presumption.

   - ben hyde

"Communication rests on a foundation of mutual perspective-taking, the 
mechanics of which are poorly understood."

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