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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: Acknowledgements
Date Wed, 16 Dec 1998 21:47:57 GMT

Ben Laurie writes:
>Ben Hyde wrote:
>> Yes, names on the code can create an excuse not to dive in and take a
>> wack at things.  But they are not the principle cause of this problem,
>> the principle cause is that bundle of fears.  In my opinion they are a
>> useful tool, a reward if you will, in overcoming that fear.
>Seems to me that what you say is largely true, but either everyone does
>it, or no-one should. Since the tradition in AG has been to _not_ flag
>every change in the code but to flag them in CHANGES instead (with
>attribution) it doesn't seem right or sensible to suddenly start doing
>it differently now.

Fair enough, local custom and all that.  I, of course, wasn't speaking
of signing little changes.  Ralf's thankless and Herculean efforts to
raise the bar in the area of configuration are a fine example.  If he
is proud of the work, then, I'd not deny him the pleasure signing it.
If local custom admires a collective selflessness in the code, well
that's cool.  This world could use a lot more selflessness.

>Also, attribution in CHANGES gets you the best of both worlds - rewards
>without territorial marking...

Oh please, when I sign a hunk of code I'm not a dog peeing on a tree, 
I'm allowing my self a bit of Peter Pan's crow.

 - ben hyde

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