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From Ben Hyde <>
Subject Re: apache as server skeleton?
Date Sun, 13 Dec 1998 16:10:53 GMT

Sadly we are Tomming to the end of the ham radio everybody
builds there own era in HTTP and entering the phone company
era when your much better off picking a community and joining

The most compelling arguments for using Apache are "network
externalities" for example the guy doing the work will be learning a
sellable skill, and the boss will have a system that is he is more
likely to find labor to fix later.  But other arguments follow close
behind.  The craft knowledge arguments: there is a great deal of
wonderfully obscure bugs in browsers, operating system TCP stacks, and
assorted performance tar pits and Apache works around them - all those
thousands of bug fixes are there for a reason.  The community reasons.
The ever popular - writing a tiny simple module is really very easy
and so you get immediate gratification.

Writing a simple module that does one thing and plugging it into
apache is pretty easy.  What's hard, in fact it can get extremely
hard, is to get a module that does all three things - rich
functionality (e.g. charsets), works on lots of platforms ( e.g. NT),
and runs N simultaneous requests thru a single bottle neck (e.g. a
single background server access thread or stream).

You can temper these risks if you do a few things.  One wonderfully
bogus trick is to set up Apache so only a single process is handling
requests and then you get the O/S to serialize the requests.  If all
your really doing is a few "RPC" calls then your module is probably
going to be pretty simple.  Most people only have one platform.

 - ben

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